Have you ever worn a thong?


Many inquiries on google like ‘Are there any comfortable thongs?’ or “Are thongs bad for you?” We can tell that many women love to wear a thong or willing to try it, but one thing they worry about is whether thongs are comfortable?



Do you feel comfortable?


Ask yourself, what will make you feel uncomfortable while wearing a thong? Is it skin chafing, cutting in your body, or yeast infections?

As skin chafing, the sexy cutting thong back would dig into the middle of the buttock. You will surely imagine how the skin friction hurt you while walking.

Thus, the super soft and skin-friendly fabric is the crucial element to make a comfortable thong.

 no muffin top panties

Secondly, “muffin top’’ is another problem. Ladies are confused even if they dress in granny panties. Their underwear just cuts into their body and makes it a muffin top.

 Comfortable underwear

You should choose the proper size for your body in the beginning.

Either the panties are not elastic, or the panties are too elastic to ensure the proper press to fit on your body. Cause both of them are not comfortable for you.


Will a thong cause yeast infections?


Once again, we get back to the fabric, given the situation that you are sweating and your underwear gets wet, bacteria grow wildly.

 Breathable cotton thong

If your panties keep wet, you will most likely get a yeast infection. It is sticky and uncomfortable. Grab yourself the breathable and sweat-wicking undies is the effective way.


In summary, what makes thongs comfortable?

Soft and smooth material would be the first priority. Breathable and sweat-wicking functions are significant too.

soft cotton thongs

Last but not least, the proper stretch makes the panties fit perfectly on the body. What’s more, sexy and nice cutting are necessary for a cute thong.


Who we are?

KUKU PANDA is a new star brand and we believe that women deserve comfortable and sexy panties at the same time. Therefore, we always remember our idea in each step.


For example, our G-string is a sexy and comfortable thong and many clients love it so much.

  1. Cutting

Inspired by bikinis, we take strong points from bikinis and thongs. The elastic side string idea comes from a bikini and it can fit different body shapes easily and with not too much pressure.


  1. Stretch

Proper stretch, after we study and test, we find out fabric with 5-10% spandex would offer enough support and not cause constricted feeling.

 no show thong

  1. Fabric

Breathable features and moisture-wicking function can help keep skin cool and dry. Protect you from yeast infections. All KUKU PANDA underwear select soft, smooth, comfortable, and healthy fabric to make every single panty satisfy our fans.t string thong panties

KUKU PANDA Collections


1. G-string Thong Cotton Undewear 

 Leopard print thong (with more pattern)

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string thong underwear
Leopard pirnt sexy thong




 2. Most Comfortable Thong

     Super stretchy and smooth, really comfortable thong for the pregnant.

best most Comfortable thongleopard thong underwearbeige thong for women



3. T-back G-string Panties 

Flat string no show panties lines under pants or dress. Sexy and flattering underwear. A must-have for dancers. 

T back g string

White t back string panties


4. Breathable Cotton Thong

Really stretchy thong, suitable for workout, yoga, running, dancing.

pure cotton thong

thong back sexy



5. Women's Brief Panties

A comfortable panties with full coverage for everyday wear. Super elastic and breathable. Really comfortable like the second skin.

comfortable underwear panties